CMC-PC Pentium M based Military Computer

Extended Temperature range, Harsh Environment

Land (including Outdoor), Naval, Transport Aircraft & Helicopters



CMC-PC, is a rugged Low power Pentium M based PC computer specially designed for use in harsh Land including outdoor environment, Naval, and Airborne military environment.

Built with passive back-plane for half size ISA and PCI cards, it supports a variety of software Operating Systems including Windows® XP, and  Windows® 2000. The computer is shock mounted when installed in a vehicle. 


Extended Temperature available from -55°C to + 71°C

                      CMC-PC with removable hard disk                                                       Customized Connector Panel


               CMC-PC with Flash drive                                                        CMC-PC Mount with shock isolators 

Dimensions & Weight  

230x240x370 [mm] (WxHxL)  with base and mounts 

Weight approx.9Kg with mount and shock isolators                   



Major Assemblies

- Power Supply Assy.

- Passive back plane

- Custom made Connection Panel.

- Flash disk up to 60G




Power Supply 

Power In:

18-32VDC per MIL 1275A, MIL-STD-704A approx. 4Amp. 

Total up to 185W


Typical Configuration


The following represents a typical configuration

of the CMC-PC CPU. 

- Processor - Pentium ®M up to 1.8 GHz

- Chipset - Intel 82855GM,  400MHz FSB,

   integrated graphics
- DRAM - 512MByte or 1.0GByte. 


- CASHE -  2M  2nd Level

- Hard Disk or FLASH Disk 

- Two enhanced IDE ports

- Sound -  AC97 controller, line-input /output

- Ethernet 10/100Base,

  Internal HUB with up to 4 ports

- USB 2.0 up to 4 ports

- RS-232/422 - 4 ports


Expansion Slots

- Up to 4 Half Size PCI boards

- Up to 6 Half size ISA boards


External Connectors

External Connectors are customized per request



Graphic Controller


Option A

- Intel Extreme Graphics2, 32 MByte UMA Video RAM

- Resolution -  Up to QXGA  2048x1536


Option B

- GeForce FX 5200 PCI Board with following spec.

- Graphics Processor Nvidia GeForce FX 5200

- Graphics Core Clock Speed 250MHz

- Pixel Pipelines 4, Texture Units Per Pixel

  Pipeline 1 Vertex Units 1, Pixel Shader

  Version 2.0, Vertex Shader Version 2.0

- Installed Video Memory 128MB

  Memory Technology DDR SDRAM

  Memory Clock Speed 200MHz

  Memory Bus Width 128-bit

  Primary RAMDAC Clock Speed 350MHz

- Video Output  Max Resolution (external)

  2048 x 1536 / 85 Hz

  Colors Max Resolution 32-bit color


CMC-PC Construction 


The CMC-PC is designed and constructed in accordance with the general  requirements of MIL-STD-454. 


Thermal Design  

The cooling of the components on the CMC-PC cards is accomplished by conduction. The cooling of the CMC-PC Power Supply and the Pentium chip are accomplished by  circulated air and by conduction through the aluminum  enclosure of the unit which is built as  an heat-sink.


External Connectors  

External connectors are used for interfacing  with the subassemblies or equipment and are in accordance with requirement of MIL-STD-454. Connector mating bodies are keyed, and keyed locations are varied  to prevent improper installation. 


Identification and Marking

The marking and labels of the equipment meet the requirements of MIL-M-13231. 


Moisture & Fungus Resistance

CMC-PC assemblies are moisture resistant and are not nutrients for fungi. The PC Cards are treated with Conformal coating for protection. The coating conforms to MIL-I-46058C.  


External Finishes  

The computer external surfaces are chemically treated  prior to painting. All residues and contaminants are removed prior to applying one coat of primer. The finish   is semi-gloss per FED-STD-595.  


Processes and Treatment  

Processes and treatments (welding, soldering, brazing   and corrosion (resistance protection) of the enclosure is in accordance with MIL-STD-454. 

Environmental Conditions




The CMC-PC  will not be damaged or affected by the effects of ambient air temperature as follows:


The CMC-PC  shall meet performance requirements specified herein after exposure to temperatures:

Standard temperature range  0° to 60°C .

Extended temperature  -40° to 70°C (with flash disk). 


(Storage and transportation) -40° to 85°C.


Sand and Dust

The CMC-PC  shall operate as specified herein while and after being subjected to sand and dust as encountered in dry arid arias. The CMC-PC shall meet the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810E.  


Salt Fog

The CMC-PC  is resistant to the corrosive effects of salt fog  environment. The  CMC-PC meets the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810E Method 509.3 Procedure I.  The base metal shall  not be visible through the finish or coating, nor shall  be any evidence of blistering, softening, separation from the base metal, corrosion products, or other coating failure.



The CMC-PC is qualified according to MIL-STD-810F for airborne, ground and Naval environment.



The CMC-PC  operates as specified herein after being subjected to operational shock as encountered on board (airborne,  naval) or during vehicular transport. Testing according to MIL-STD 810E, 40 g for duration of 11msec.


Relative humidity

The CMC-PC, in an operating or non operating condition, shall not be affected by humidity for both continuous and intermittent periods,  including conditions wherein condensation takes place in and on the equipment in the form of water.  The CMC-PC meets the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810E.

Operating - 95% RH  with no condensation.

Non-operating - 95% RH. 



The CMC-PC  is non-nutrient to fungus growth. The CMC-PC  meets the requirements specified in MIL-STD-810E.

Electromagnetic Interference


The CMC-PC as specified with its PCI BUS, its internal boards,  and the computer’s components, disks and power supplies complies the requirements of MIL-STD-461C as follows:


CE03 - Electromagnetic emissions do not appear  on 60Hz  AC leads in excess of values shown  in MIL-STD-461C,  Fig 4-3. 


RE02 - Electromagnetic emissions are not radiated from the  CMC-PC equipment in excess of values shown in MIL-STD-461C, Fig 4-14, 4-15.  


RS03 - The CMC-PC does not exhibit any permanent degradation of performance or any deviation from its specifications when subjected to radiated electrical  of 1 Volts/meter from 14KHz to 10GHz.


CS02 - The CMC-PC does not exhibit any permanent degradation of performance or any deviation from its specifications when subjected to 100 Volt from a 50 ohm source to its AC power leads    




The components of the CMC-PC  are physically and functionally interchangeable in accordance with MIL-STD-454. Parts or  components of the same part number procured to this specification are physically and functionally interchangeable  without selection, adjustment or fit.


Maintainability and Modularization

The CMC-PC  is designed such that it is completely maintainable by replacement of assemblies. 

Maximum use is made of plug  in module assemblies.



The CMC-PC -PC has an MTBF of  10,000 hours at 25°C . Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) does not exceed 30 minutes.  The MTTR includes the time required to detect and isolate the failure,  replace the failed unit, checkout the repair and return the system to full operational status.  



  Airborne CMC-PC 



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