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Avionic Data Recorders 
 (1553, ARINC, Ethernet, RS-422, Discretes)

Extended Temperature available from -55°C to + 71°C

CMC-e-600 CH-47 CAAS dataMars Flight Data Recorder




The airworthy CMC-e-600 is built for the CAAS on Chinook CH-47F
It records flight data from two MIL-STD-1553, two Ethernet, and up to 6 ARINC-429. While recording, the unit also displays monitored engineering-unit data, enabling quick and informed decision-making during and between flights.



  1553 ARINC-429 Ethernet Recorder

CMC-e- 600 Specifications    
DataMars home-page



Flight Data Recorder


The CMC-e-1000 is a flight-data recorder integrated with powerful on-line and ground analysis software. During flight, the CMC-e-1000 is configured as a stand alone unit, or as a Server working with client workstations or notebooks. A typical unit records data channels simultaneously:

2-4 MIL-STD-1553 (A+B) channels,

8-16 RS-422 channels.

10 discrete signals,

1-2 real time 100BaseT


Data files are recorded per IRIG-B, Chapter 9/10 format.
Clients stations can view and analyze the recorded engineering-unit data  during flight (as well as in offline), enabling quick and informed decision-making during and between flights. 




FDR 300B Rugged

1553/RS-422 Flight Recorder


FDR-300B is a miniature Flight Data Recorder for fighter planes, helicopters and long range UAV.

The FDR-300B unit provides ‘All-In-One’ recording capabilities for various airborne parameters via interface to up to three dual redundant 1553 channels, Analog, Discrete and Serial communication.

The system is programmed for the specific parameters that need to be monitored and recorded during the flight; the data is stored on removable 1.8" SATA Flash card (RMM).

Post flight debriefing is done by connecting the RMM with the recorded data to a Desk Top or a Laptop Computer.


UAV flight recorder
FDR-300 home-page



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