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ANS-1000 - Airborne Network Storage  

Airborne Multi Function Displays (MFD)

Rugged Avionic Airworthy PC Computers

Helicopter Armament Gun & chaff Systems

Rugged Military Video IP Encoder

Vehicle & Maritime Rugged Military PC
Ethernet Switches

Airborne & Naval Data Links

Airborne, Vehicles Power Supplies

ACMI POD and Data-link

1553, Ethernet,, Data BUS Recorders

ROCS - TPQ-36, TPQ-37 Radar Add-Ons     

Cable & FLEX Assemblies

BES Electronic Systems and its subsidiary NIRON  System & Projects  are engaged in  a wide range of military programs and platforms throughout the   world  in  the areas  of  Air,  Land,  and  Naval  systems.  Our  COTS products  include military computers, MFD, Control systems for weapon delivery  of   Chaff and  Flare  Dispensing Systems, as  well  as  Data-link systems,  for  airborne,  Land,   and  Naval platforms.  Our  solutions are based  on  our  own system  design, including  algorithms  hardware and  software. We  also focus on  'Turn-key programs' and upgrading of aging  military   platforms  and   assemblies,  extending  their  service  life  and operational   capabilities.   Our ROCS system for the TPQ-36 / 37  radar Operational   Control  Group  is a  typical  example of a turn key project done   for  customers  around  the world.   BES   maintains a  permanent  professional staff to provide Life Cycle  Integrated Logistics Support for its military programs.  The company is certified to ISO 9001:2008.    Our Customers are TRS, Raytheon Australia, Cassidian EADS, Terma, Collins, TRS, ST Aerospace, LIG NEX1, IAI/ELTA, Rafael.  


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