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S-Band DataLink Transceiver



S-Band 2.2-2.35GHz 


8 Programmable frequencies

FM Modulation

Power 50W 

Receiver sensitivity: -94dBm at  E/N = 18dB.

IF bandwidth: -3 dB 0.7 MHz min.,

-60 dB 3.0 MHz max.

Image and spurious rejection: 60 dB min.

Dynamic range: 50 dB min.

Data Rate up to 714Kbit/sec

Audio output impedance 75 ohm.

Modulation - PCM NRZ-L

PCM output level 2V p-p 10% for 175 kHz

peak deviation

PCM output response: 10 Hz to 350 kHz 1.5dB at 175 kHz peak deviation

Signal strength indication: 1.4V into 10KW, load (Linear monotonic voltage for RF signal

range of -90.4 to -40dBm.

Antenna impedance: 50 ohm nominal

Temperature range -40-85ºC

Rugged design for aircrafts, missiles.
Environment specifications per MIL-STD-810F

RFI/EMI Specifications per MIL-STD-461E

330x100x65 [mm]

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