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CMC-e-1000 Airworthy Flight Data Recorder & Server  


Cmc-e-1000 flight-data recording and analysis unit, is a Flight data recording unit with integrated powerful on-line and ground analysis software. During flight, the CMC-e-1000 is configured as a Server with client workstations, or as a stand alone unit. A typical unit may records 2 to 4 MIL-STD-1553 (A+B) channels, 8-16 X RS-422 channels, 10 discrete signals and 1-2 real time 10/100 TCP/IP.   The unit stores the recorded file in a database per IRIG-B Chapter 9, Chapter 10.




The airborne flight-data recorder unit records flight data from multiple diverse data buses and signals. While recording, the unit also displays monitored engineering-unit data, enabling quick and informed decision-making during and between flights.

 cmc-e-1000 Avionic Flight Test Recorder & Server



Once on the ground, the unit's media cartridge can be easily removed and taken to the lab, where the powerful Windows-based post-analysis software immediately accesses and analyzes the data, with no downloading required.


cmc-e-1000 post-analysis software provides advanced data presentation, manipulation, interrogation, reporting and exporting capabilities.


Seamless integration between the data recording unit, removable recording media and ground analysis software, as well as with elimination of any download time, means that the cmc-e-1000 solution is complete, efficient and ensures that the entire testing process is streamlined.





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