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S-Band TDMA Airborne Data Link

Multiple Participant Airborne S-Band TDMA data link with up to 400 slots per second. Transmission  rate is up to 625KB/sec.  The data link is built for 20 airplanes. It includes 200 time slots per second. Each participant broadcasts 300  bytes of useful information 10 times per second (Hz). 


Using standard airborne omni directional antenna, the DataLink has a useful range of 60-70NM range. Ground station with high gain antennas achieves ranges exceeding  120NM.  
The system includes a  miniature Rugged PC computer, a data link modem, and a 50Watt FM  transceiver.
Computer PCM (NRZ-L) data pulses are transmitted in selected time-slots.  Demodulated bit streams from the FM receiver are processed by BES Systems' digital Bit-Synchronizer and handed over to the application program in the host computer.


The system interfaces with aircraft Mission Computer via MIL-STD-1553 or Ethernet bus.

A sound blaster board is capable to output audio messages to plane intercommunication system.


- Frequency Band:

2.2-2.35GHz (32 frequencies in 100MHz Band)

- Transmitter power: 

 > 45Watt

- Data modulation: 


- Transmission: 

up to 714Kbit/sec

- Typical bits per slots:

2500 bits

- Slots per second:

100-400 time slots.

- Receiver sensitivity:

-94dBm at  E/N = 18dB.

- Control

1553,  RS-422 or LAN

- Members 

Up to 100





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